Syteline Field Service (SFS) is the deepest, most industry specific service management solution on the market today. 

It helps service-centered industries deliver better equipment service, resolve problems faster, and manage the entire service process more efficiently.

Specialized by Industry

Infor Syteline Field Service (SFS) provides highly focused capabilities that help companies compete effectively in selected industries.

Contract Service

Efficiently track the specifics of every customer's ongoing requirements so that you always deliver top-quality service profitably. Ensure that you're currently satisfying service level agreements and can continue to do so in the future.


Schedule preventive maintenance for income generating assets to prevent unexpected downtimes, extend the lifecycle of equipment, and maximize warranty cost savings.


Track and manage service level agreements with maximum efficiency. Visibility into contract details, unit, and service history improves decision making and creates opportunities to up sell or extend service agreements.

Hospitality and Facility Management

Track and manage work orders for faster completion of service requests, more accurate billing, and greater customer satisfaction.

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The CSFS Advantage

  • Resist attacks by competitors by developing a highly responsive, information-driven service organization that leads to trusting, long term customer relationships.
  • Fine-tune information systems on the fly to solve day-to-day business challenges quickly and efficiently.
  • Rapidly adjust schedules as new orders arrive, to deliver services on time, without interruption.
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Executive Brief
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10 Steps to Improving Aftermarket Service

This complementary Executive Brief will review ways Increase revenue and the competitive advantage of your organization’s service operation.
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