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    What makes Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers unique from other manufacturers?

What makes A&D Manufacturers 
​unique from other manufacturers?

The Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing industry is defined by: Quality, Precision and Security. In other words, A&D Manufacturers exist to deliver quality products, to precise standards, that ensure national and/or global security.

It’s not to say other manufacturers don’t compete on these same criteria. But, there is a higher standard with A&D - Particularly with security. And business systems need to support these standards, at minimum.

Optimally, enterprise business systems (ERP), will enhance Quality differentiation, deliver precision faster, at a similar cost, and comply easier with security and regulatory concerns.

Enterprise Business Systems (ERP), like Infor, and service providers, like ESS, understand this and have been serving the A&D industry for 50 years. 

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The below, are the unique business system traits of A&D Manufacturers at a high-level (there are always exceptions and/or additional requirements based on type of A&D Manufacturer). The general requirements are summarized below:

Shopfloor Production Scheduling in a Low Volume, Hi-mix Environment

a.  What if scenario planning

b.  Finite Capacity Planning

c.  Profitability Analysis

d.  On time Project delivery

Government Regulatory Compliance

a.  ITAR

b.  FARS


d.  CMMI

e.  NIST

Quality Management

a.  AS9100 compliance

b.  ISO compliance

c.  Non-Conformance and Corrective Actions – at minimum

d.  Supplier and Customer Audits

e.  Cost of Quality Analysis

f.  PPAP, etc..

g.  Six Sigma Philosophy

Highly Engineered Products

a.  Engineer-To-Order

b.  CAD/CAM integration

c.  Lot/Serial Traceability

d.  Engineering Change Control

Revision Management

a.  Document Revision Control

b.  Part Revision Control

c.  Cradle to Grave auditibility

Projects-based Cost Accounting

a.  Percent complete Revenue Recognition

b.  Work Break-Down Structure Mgt.

c.  Actual Costing 

Material Management and Supply Chain Management

a.  Procurement


c.  Vendor Management

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

a.  Tear-Down, Reverse Configuration

b.  Field Service

c.  AOG

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Infor provides specialized software for the aerospace and defense sector, specifically tailored for aerospace and defense OEMs, tier suppliers, and space manufacturers. This comprehensive solution simplifies operations by overseeing customer contracts, inventory, manufacturing, and procurement management. Infor's industry-specific solutions help you navigate the intricacies of the sector and adopt best practices to enhance efficiency and performance.

Infor Aerospace & Defense solutions;

  • Is in use 100+ countries.
  • Is used by 800+ aerospace and defense companies.
  • Is used by 19 of the top 20 aerospace companies.
  • Moves nearly 4 billion plane passengers per year.
  • Is specially focused on aerospace, defense, MRO and service providers, defense electronics, and metal fabrication companies.
  • Is built on 25+ years of aerospace and defense industry experience.

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