Within the fenestration industry, producing and distributing consumer-influenced products is only the tip of the iceberg. Such a volatile business environment requires a constant juggling act balancing profitably while managing as-promised complexity within frequent, significant shifts in demand, material costs, and regional preferences.

Infor addresses increased business performance with ERP software, specifically for window and door manufacturing industry. Infor Syteline and Infor CPQ (Configure Price Quote) provides the one-two punch needed to manage the unique industry complexities to increase sales, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand.

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Increase Sales

In today’s market, you need eyes on your product to get your foot in the door. If you can’t present your products in a compelling visual fashion, potential buyers won’t just pass you by; they’ll never notice you in the first place. Whether you deal in replacement windows or custom creations requiring non-standard slats and finishes, Infor CPQ ERP for window and door manufacturers will give sales and distribution channels easy to use and guided capabilities to increase the win rate of quotes and the orders you win. Dealers promoting your products will be prepared to quickly find the exact product configuration of specs, design, finish, and hardware and automatically generate a compelling proposal that meets a customer’s requirements.

Infor’s Fenestration Manufacturing ERP software will help you:
  • Boost sales performance.
  • Reduce design time and manufacturing lead time
  • Help customers visualize their order.
  • Better manage new styles and pricing.

Reduce Costs Without Compromising Quality

With Infor CSI and CPQ, you will reduce costs, maintain attention while enhancing client experiences, automatically generating compelling proposals and improving order accuracy to accelerate delivery times.

With Infor ERP systems for fenestration industry, you’ll be able to differentiate your Brand by using state of the art Dealer portal technology, shortening cycle times, increasing as-promised order accuracy, while expanding your extended sales channel’s ability to service customers with consultative support (without a long learning curve). Your sales and Dealer networks will move more custom doors and windows easily while generating repeat business. Enhancing your customer’s online experience with a smooth ordering process, and full ERP integration increasing data accuracy so you deliver exactly what the customer ordered, on time.
Custom Door with CPQ

Flexible Designs

Customers are attracted when they experience fresh, innovative features that visually meet their needs. Infor CPQ ERP for window and door manufacturers gives you the flexibility to maximize and even suggest Client centric options, while policing the final configuration results in a door or window that can be manufactured. Providing the flexibility to keep pace with changing tastes, efficiency standards, and building codes.

Most robust CPQ (Configurator) Quoting Tool on the Market

Infor CPQ is the most powerful, flexible, easy to manage ERP for window and door manufacturers on the market. 

Automated Shipping Dock

Automate Shipping Instructions

Infor CPQ ERP systems for fenestration industry creates bills of materials, routings (speeds and feeds) and manufacturing instructions dynamically and fully integrates with Infor ERPs (or almost any other ERP on the market) easily creating complex production quotes and orders. Infor CPQ generates 2D drawings or even 3D CAD models to assist customers visualize the finished product. Using representative graphics, you will clearly communicate to the shop floor exactly what to build while increasing yield and reducing scrap. Dynamic instructions and drawings will eliminate most errors that creep into even a well-run manufacturing or distribution process. 

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