How to Uncover the Truth About ERP Systems

Andy Pratico
Andy Pratico has seen many ERP success stories, but sadly even more failures.  To help companies increase their probability of success, Andy presents common sense workshops on how to select systems. For more than 40 years, Andy Pratico has helped hundreds of manufacturers uncover the truth about ERPs, before they buy.

If you would like to even just brainstorm on common sense methods to best to evaluate ERPs, please click the link below.  You will gain the tools to move forward with confidence.

Attend the next workshop to learn more and to answer your questions during this live on line event. Coming March of 2021.

ERP Consultant guided Evaluations 

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Independent ERP Evaluations

If you are just getting started and would like to discuss how to select ERP with one of our industry experts, please click the link below.

  We will give you the tools to move forward with confidence.