Digital Transformation.  Smart machines integrated with ERP.  Artificial Intelligence. Internet of Things (IoT).  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for industry.  All of these things are part of our Industry 4.0 service offering. 

Prophecy IoT® Benefits

There are key benefits to manufacturing by implementing Prophecy IoT®. It enables real time high speed collection of in-context manufacturing and operations data without requiring people use expensive time to do it. Additionally, accurate data can be more easily collected throughout each production shift, job, or operation. Prophecy IoT® transforms this data into manufacturing and process in-context information, which saves companies time and money because they will no longer have to rely on manual data entry by employees. This new technology does the work itself, integrating manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data with production machine generated data and, with the use of statistical analytics, presents meaningful information that can be used to make fast and accurate decisions in real time. Other benefits of Prophecy IoT® include instantaneous visibility to accurate and truthful manufacturing data, increased ability for quick decisions to avoid costly errors, reduced manual data collection efforts and errors, and increased alignment of cause and effects relationships.

How to get started with Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing - How to get started
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Augmented Reality for Industry

Reduce the skills gap, accelerate training, and maintain quality control in the shop with an Augmented Reality (AR) Solution.

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Virtual Reality for the office.

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