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Within the various types of plastic centric manufacturers, you will find fabricators requiring rare functionality such as rotational mold planning and scheduling, concurrent processing, multi-cavity planning, and formulations within the Bill of Materials (BOM). Specialized routing capabilities also increase the need for industry-specific capabilities. 

Addressing challenges like estimating, machine attributes, and by-products, (like, regrind material), further underscores the necessity for ERP systems specifically designed for plastics fabrication.

Unique Infor Syteline Capabilities

Rotational Molding is a manufacturing technique that starts by filling a heated mold with plastic material. Hollow components are formed by rotating the mold around two perpendicular axes. This causes the molten plastic to spread evenly and stick to the mold’s interior walls. A uniform thickness throughout is ensured by the continuous rotation during both the heating and cooling phases, preventing any unwelcome sagging or deformations. This technique can produce hollow plastic products with consistent wall thicknesses, intricate geometries, and exceptional strength.

Rotational Mold Planning and Scheduling
    • Concurrent Planning: Providing seamless coordination between various stages of production (for example; temperatures of rotating molds and arms will impact scheduling). This ensures optimal utilization of resources and minimizes downtime.
    • Left/Right Optimization: The software facilitates left/right optimization techniques, optimizing mold designs for maximum efficiency and minimal material waste.
    • Multi-cavity Management: Managing multi-cavity molds streamlines production and ensures consistent quality across all cavities.
    • Accurate Estimating: Accurate cost estimation is provided through detailed analysis and reporting features.
    • Machine Attribute Integration: Integration of machine attributes into planning processes ensures compatibility and maximizes machine efficiency, reducing setup times and enhancing productivity.

Image Credit: An example to Rotational Molding Process, romotechplastics.com

Formulation with BOM

Infor ERP seamlessly integrates formulation within the Bill of Materials (BOM), providing a comprehensive view of materials required for each product and facilitating efficient inventory management.

By-Product Capture (Regrind)

The software efficiently manages by-product capture, optimizing the utilization of regrind material and reducing waste, thereby contributing to sustainability goals.

Light to Dark Processing

Infor ERP accommodates light to dark processing requirements, ensuring precise control over color variations and maintaining product consistency.

Virgin/Regrind Mix Management

From quotations to production, the software provides flexibility in managing virgin/regrind mix, allowing for accurate cost calculations and quality control for environmental impact and regulations compliance.

Part Family Planning

Efficient planning of part families is facilitated through comprehensive data analysis and forecasting tools, enabling businesses to streamline production processes and meet diverse customer demands.

Infor ERP Plastic Fabrication Customer Stories

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Read Case Study

"Infor ERP Business in the cloud gives us the scalability to support future growth without forcing us to increase our IT and administrative costs. Having data in the cloud enables us to focus on our core business and leave system and hardware administration and backup to Infor."

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Gloucester Engineering

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