Do your products have more than one color, equipment, technical features and options? In such a product range, whether you are a B2B or B2C business, you need to ensure that your potential customers find the right product and send the most accurate information to your production line. That's exactly what Infor CPQ (configuration price quote) is for.

CPQ with Numbers

From the beginning of a users' research and selection to the purchase, it is imperative that your products are visible to a potential buyer.


of buyers identify specific solutions before contacting


of buyers attach importance to seeing the product they will receive before making a purchase decision, albeit digitally


of B2B buyers identify their needs first and then communicate

With Infor CPQ, you can...

With this feature, users (or while you present the product to them) can see the product in 3D.
Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, send your customers' customized designs into production with the least margin of error possible.
Present your quotation to your customers in the most detailed way. Let your customers customize the product in the way that suits them best.
Present personalized quotes, presentations, and other sales documents from virtually any app.
Infor CPQ enables your customers to select their needs easily, while reducing the pressure on your engineering team and helping to increase the pace of innovation. You can focus on increasing your after-sales services while delivering your customers' orders at the right time and without any margin of error.
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