Syteline is the most robust Cloud ERP designed specifically for SMB Manufacturers, Project Management & Field Service organizations.
So many Customers replace dozens of separate data silos, Syteline is their integrated End to End ERP that does it all.
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Unique Capabilities Created by 
Manufacturers for Manufacturers

Syteline is a Cloud based enterprise software solution that embodies the sophisticated needs of manufacturers today. Utilizing a highly scalable architecture, Cloud ERP empower companies with the agility and responsiveness to meet fast changing customers’ expectations. Cloud ERP provides a solid foundation for advanced operations, strategic analytics, and growth. No matter your business model, Syteline adapts to your specific needs and never forces you into a rigid set of procedures.  There is no need for costly customizations which can delay implementation and tangle future upgrades. Infor’s powerful, easy to use cloud ERP solution will bend to meet your needs.  Unmatched scalability allows you to add branches or locations, without downtime. You can also easily separate data in case you ever plan to sell off a subsidiary. 

The added benefit of cloud deployment means you can quickly expand to any location without extensive IT overhead. Syteline is packed with advanced processes resulting from decades of intimately implementing workflows and strategic best practices. Forecasting, procurement, inventory, shipping, role-based dashboards and KPIs, and more are built right into the core solution, never bolted on. 

Key Capabilities

Infor Syteline cloud based ERP offers an end to end solution, and also embraces modern technology, like contextual analytics and communication tools to certify customer service, collaborate innovative ideas with partners, suppliers, and customers and expand visibility across your Enterprise.

Customer Relationship Management

  • A 360° view of customer Quote to Cash activities 
  • Detailed transaction tracking
  • Single integrated system with ERP
  • Mobile ready
  • Tight integration with Infor CPQ configurator and Dealer Portals

Easy Analytics

  • Easy for anyone to ‘slice and dice’ with built in Data Views and reporting tools
  • Out of the box Role Based Dashboards and KPIs for front line users, managers, and executives

Supply Chain Management

  • Advanced planning and scheduling tools
  • Customer and Vendor Portals
  • Smoothing product delivery across the entire supply chain

Self Sufficient Product Personalization and Configuration

  • Empowered analytics with built in Data Views and reporting tools
  • Out of the box Role Based dashboards and KPIs with drill downs when you just ‘Can’t see the Forest for the Trees’.

Planning and Inventory

  • Mixed-mode Advanced Planning & Scheduling with infinite and finite scheduling, utilizing backwards and forward algorithms to improve on time delivery
  • For Low volume/high mix and High volume low mix environments
  • Throughput tools with ‘what if’ simulations so you are proactive and not reactive

Quality and Production

  • Inspections and Nonconformance
  • ‘Cradle to Grave’ lot and serial traceability
  • Compliance within ever changing regulatory regulations

A strong cloud-based operating platform designed to expedite innovation across the entire enterprise ecosystem

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A 90 minute overview recording on Syteline, the most robust ERP for the SMB market.

The Importance of Cloud ERP

With the revolution of cloud-based systems, companies have been able to reap the benefits of shared work environments and built-in redundancy. In the past, with older technology, users could not access files or records, if another user had them open. They were simply locked out and had to wait for the user to close the file, before they could access it. This slowed things down immensely. That is gone with cloud-based systems. Every file and every record can be accessed at the same time, by multiple users. This allows greater access and greater efficiency for office staff. With cloud ERP solutions, employees can work collaboratively on projects at the same time, in the same shared work space environment.

Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP Systems

When companies move their systems to the cloud, it provides numerous advantages. Some of the biggest benefits are listed below:

  • Remote Access
  • Data Redundancy
  • Shared Work Environments
  • Improved Office Efficiency
Users are no longer limited to accessing system data while in the office, on the company network. Now, they can access it remotely. This is beneficial when on-site with customers. Now they have access to real-time data anywhere, anytime.

With shared work environments, employees can easily collaborate. They can work on files and projects together at the same time. This not only saves time but improves staff efficiency.

ERP systems on the cloud have built-in redundancy. This means if data becomes corrupted, it can be recovered quickly and easily. This alleviates the issue of down-time and makes the system far more resilient and reliable.

Do you have questions on Cloud ERP Implementation?

Once your company has decided on having Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP software installed, it is time to contact Essential Software Solutions. We can meet with you and determine your needs and the best way to proceed. Our team of experts can ensure all hardware and software needs are met.

At Essential Software Solutions, we always want to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are Essential Software Solutions and we should be your next call. 
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