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With more than 45 years of experience in the business solution business, we know just what you need.

The ESS team is made up of two dozen talented individuals with a wealth of certifications (including CPA, CPIM, BSc, Computer Science and BBA) and real-life manufacturing experience to overcome any enterprise technology challenge that may come our way.  As an Infor partner in Canada, we understand the unique challenges Canadian businesses face, and help our customers overcome them.

We empower business with the tools to improve existing workflow, introduce cost savings and identify opportunities to grow revenue.

Implementing a new ERP or software solution for your company doesn’t have to be something that you dread.

Dedicated to our customers

One of our key differentiators other than being around for the past 40 years is the experience and expertise our people bring to the table. Not only is our internal retention rate strong – but it’s our true understanding of manufacturing that makes us stand out from the competition. Two of our ESS mfg. consultants have earned the CFPIM designation, (Certified Fellowship in Production and Inventory Management) from APICS and are APICS Certified Instructors. Less than 3% of men and women who earn a CPIM designation worldwide qualify for the “Fellowship” designation. They regularly present at these meetings, as well as continue to lecture the accredited APICS courses at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, (BCIT). The ESS Implementation Team is first and foremost focused on manufacturing, operations, inventory management and distribution, leveraging proven technology and processes to make our customers more competitive and profitable

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Our Vision and Mission

We leverage technology as a tool to help our customers to what they do BETTER, and more efficiently.  We help accelerate sales and business processes.

We are committed to providing the absolute best advice, leadership and training to ensure your business will withstand the test of time and competition.

Infor Gold Channel Partner

Infor Gold Channel Partner

We are a certified reseller of Infor technology in Canada.  ESS is the top Infor Partner across Canada.  Our solutions are built for the cloud, and the speed of business.  Infor Cloudsuite ERP is built for Industry and part of the digital transformation journey.

Being a Gold Channel Partner in Canada means that we are certified to help implement and support these solutions for the lifetime of the software.  All of our trainers and consultants are certified on the products they represent through rigorous testing, in addition to their years of ERP experience.

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Our team of
business leaders

Our core team of accountable business leaders.

Ron Hepting


Brett Mewett CFPIM

Director of Services

Alyxa Hepting

Account Manager

Andy Pratico

Executive Sales

Steve Moon

Senior Consultant, General

Jim Cho

Senior Consultant, Development

Richard Koett

Senior Consultant, IT Infrastructure

Curtis Roberts

Senior Consultant, Operations

Mike Tomlins

Senior Consultant, Operations

Katie O'Heare

Customer Concierge

Tom Huntford

Senior Consultant, Projects

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