Infor VISUAL ERP is an end-to-end ERP solution that is easy-to-support, low-cost, and already assists thousands of order-driven manufacturers. VISUAL delivers quality products on-time with a look and feel your employees will intuitively grasp.

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Infor Visual Business Intelligence (aka Synoptix)
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Why is Infor VISUAL ERP unique?

Every Company experience business challenges. Overcoming these challenges proactively (instead of reactively) can be the difference between business success and failure.

Order-driven manufacturing is highly complex, and guessing what the next step should be is never the best option. Manufacturers need to proactively Visualize the impact of any material shortage, capacity constraint, and/or bottleneck as well as factors that impact accurate quoting, calculated delivery dates, shorter lead times, quality assurance, supplier coordination while leveraging the delicate balance of customer service.

Infor ensures proactive visualization instead of reactive. 

Customer Story

Pacific Mako is a brass and aluminum foundry in Langley BC that purchased Visual ERP in 2019.  Read how they have invested in Visual as a company strategy.

Read Customer Story

Manage Proactively, 
not Reactively

  • Would you like to balance the shop floor, maximizing shop throughput without increasing your overhead (therefore increase profit)? 
  • Do you want to drag and drop work centers blindly across a Gantt chart or do you want to compare on-time delivery simulations versus the impact to the company’s bottom line? 
  • Does your shop have continual rush orders? Would you like to utilize a Finite scheduler that offers ‘What if’ scenario profitability metrics, that require less baby sitting and are still effective? 
  • Utilizing Theory of Constraints concepts to simulate on time deliveries (CTP) versus profitability and choose the best alternative for you and your customer.
Sub Assemblies
  • Legs (sub-assemblies mfg specifically for this build, and never stocked) – Most ERPs force you to place subs into stock before issuing to the next level up. Losing the cost breakdown as well as the scheduling capabilities (manually updating the schedule of each sub). Make to order sub-assemblies (legs) retain the complete cost breakdown through the entire build while also auto-updating the entire build schedule.
  • Complex and multi-level BOMs are common with engineer-to-order manufacturing. You can investigate every single part of your final product and see cost estimates, delivery times and supply.
FIFO Actual Costing

Most ERPs claim actual job costing. Some give it different moniker like ‘Actual Average’, or even hide Purchase Price Variances (ppv) in the GL. The fact is there is only one FIFO costing standard. Eg, have you ever closed a job and received a material invoice afterwards that has a variance from the original PO? Is hiding that variance in a ppv account acceptable? Or would you prefer to post the actual cost against the job so for future quoting the exact job variance is at your finger tips?

Detailed Project Management

Infor VISUAL ERP was originally designed for aerospace and defense contractors. It provides detailed project management functionalities, work breakdown structures, % complete revenue recognition, even integration with MS Project. 

Material Requirements Planning
  • VISUAL’s material plan is updated real time. Never wait to run MRP before updating your VISUAL material demand.
  • Part numbers are never required (unless it is an inventoried part). Avoid cluttering your inventory master with obsolete parts (eg. Part numbers not required for non-stock parts, custom estimates or one-off jobs). 
  • Most ERPs either allow back-flushing within a job or not (at the item master level). VISUAL allows you to decide at the work order transaction level which items to backflush and which to issue at actual. Especially with ETO equipment manufacturers, you will want to track the issue variances, whereas other items in the same project, easily backflush at standard.
Engineering Change Control, PO Requisitions & Work Flow

Like many systems, authorities, messages, and policing policies and procedures are pervasive throughout VISUAL. The difference with VISUAL is that they are easy to create and maintain.

Watch our complimentary VISUAL Engineering Change Control Webinar.

Quick Implementation & Easy-to-Use
  • VISUAL was designed by manufacturing professionals, not just accountants or programmers. The user interface was designed to emphasize user-friendliness. ‘A picture says a thousand words.’
  • Many Visual ERP customers have gone live in under 6 months.

Customers are the best salespeople


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