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Prefabricated Manufacturing, from engineering to the manufacturers end, it's a complex process. Any glitch, no matter how minor, can negatively impact operational processes, lead to delays in projects deadlines, and erode customer satisfaction.

Thereby, prefabricated manufacturers need an ERP software that tackles both engineering and operational challenges. One major challenge is that each job has its specific characteristics. As well as it’s functional, it needs to be integrated engineering software. That’s why Prefab Manufacturers shouldn’t rely on generic ERP systems. 

Infor ERP continues to be a strong solution partner for manufacturers, helping them effectively manage both office and field processes. 

How does Infor contribute to Prefabricated Manufacturers?

Project Management
Engineer-to-order manufacturers often focus heavily on projects within their processes. They utilize Infor CloudSuite Industrial's Project module to track all activities and link costs directly to the project. This module captures time and costs related to engineering efforts, multiple manufacturing work orders linked to the project, and service work such as installation and training for the project's final product.

Another crucial feature for engineer-to-order manufacturers is CloudSuite Industrial's capability to monitor, drive, and recognize milestone or progress billing.

Moreover, many manufacturers rely on CloudSuite Industrial ERP for percent complete revenue recognition and other essential engineer-to-order metrics, including actuals to budget KPI and cost-to-complete KPI.

In addition, project-centric engineer-to-order manufacturers need to provide project visibility to customers. They achieve this using CloudSuite Industrial's seamless integration with Microsoft Project. This integration allows easy sharing of Microsoft Project's Gantt chart and tasks with customers, while project and program managers can make changes in Microsoft Project and synchronize them back into the CloudSuite Industrial ERP application effortlessly.

Integrating CAD with Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP is crucial for meeting engineer-to-order business needs. Infor CloudSuite Industrial utilizes CADLink to create a seamless two-way integration with major CAD software packages. This integration eliminates the need for redundant data entry of bill of materials, routing, and specifications in both CAD and ERP systems. As a result, it saves time and minimizes errors during the engineering process. The time saved can then be utilized by the production team, leading to reduced overall lead times and enhanced quality of the final product.


Effective engineer-to-order processes prioritize managing manufacturing costs. Typically, companies rely on actual costing as it plays a crucial role in monitoring job and overall project profitability. Actual costing is also vital for facilitating progress billing and recognizing revenue based on the percentage of completion. Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP excels in supporting the necessary integration for managing actual costing scenarios effectively.

Furthermore, CloudSuite Industrial's costing capabilities extend to direct purchasing for jobs or projects, where actual material costs are immediately reflected in work in process (WIP) upon receipt. This approach applies similarly to outsourced processes like heat treating, plating, painting, and other external services. Labor transactions are promptly recorded through Infor Factory Track, enabling production workers to clock in and out of jobs using various methods such as touch screens, tablets, mobile devices, or PCs through an intuitive browser-based interface. Moreover, field service teams can log time against jobs and projects in real-time, handle material issuance, and manage travel expenses efficiently.

Material Planning

Infor ERP provides robust MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) tools. A common scenario in assemble-to-order manufacturing occurs when companies retrieve individual materials from stock and then perform final assembly. Infor's Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tool accurately configures finished goods using a detailed bill of material, along with operations such as kitting and routing for the assembled parts. Another example of material planning in assemble-to-order strategies involves matching parts taken from stock with pre-fabricated sub-assemblies. Infor ERP simplifies these processes and eliminates the complexity often associated with other ERP solutions. Regardless of your inventory management policies and strategies, Infor ERP systems ensure planners have the necessary materials and optimal quantities available.

Watch our webinar: Infor Cloudsuite APS - Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Production Scheduling

Infor ERP offers customers an assemble-to-order approach, supported by Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tools that aid production planners in determining what needs to be produced and when it can be completed. A notable advantage is that Infor ERP solutions consider both resource availability and required material availability during the scheduling phase. This feature enables the implementation of the "best date available" functionality, allowing businesses to provide customers with accurate promise dates and effectively manage expectations regarding product completion and shipment timelines.

Job Costing

Infor ERP provides the flexibility to select your preferred costing method. Numerous "to order" manufacturers opt for actual costing as it enables them to track costs accurately rather than relying on potentially inaccurate standard cost estimates. With Infor ERP, you can effortlessly access actual material, labor, and external service costs linked to an assemble-to-order work order. This allows you to compare actual costs with estimated costs, leading to the refinement of pricing and quotes based on concrete data rather than intuition.

Do you need a non-complex solution for resellers, non-engineers, salespeople, and end-users?

Try Infor CPQ

Showcase visuals developed by your engineers to customers and allow easy customizations. 

Infor CPQ, with its 2D and 3D modeling, enables users to understand the product they will get.

Infor ERP Prefabrication Manufacturer Case Studies

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