ERP for
​Metal Fabrication

Metal fabricators seek an ERP software that offers enhanced visibility into manufacturing variables, including capacity, on-time delivery, potential supply chain issues, and job costs. Given the nature of their operations, which primarily involve one-off or custom jobs, they require a flexible system that can accommodate the high variability inherent in their projects without relying on predefined job standards. 

​Tools for Your Metal Fabrication Business

Execute Mixed Manufacturing models; 

 - Assembly to Order (ATO) for sequenced based components, 
 - Make to Order (MTO) for components to be assembled in just in time (JIT), 
 - Make to Stock (MTS) for components to be produced in lots, 
 - Engineering to Order (ETO) to coordinate the tasks for all new component
 - Repetitive for production parts
 - Advanced Planning and Scheduling
How critical is improving shop scheduling with your new ERP system?

About the Video: Ellwood Group, a producer of high-grade steel engineered heavy metal parts utilized in mining and drilling operations. Douglas Columbus, the director of corporate business systems, discusses how Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) has supported Ellwood Group in handling its operations, especially as it expands through acquiring new businesses and extends its market presence.

Flexibility and Control of Complex Supply Chain Processes

“Out-of-the -box” capabilities provide global supply chain planning and transparency across all suppliers and outsource business partners within the extended supply chain. Infor manufacturing and assembly supports multiple manufacturing strategies (ETO, CTO, BTO, MTS, etc.) to ensure process efficiency and accurate costing.

  • Improved Flexibility and Agility – Apply the proper method for the right situation allows manufacturers to react to changing requirements, to move operations to new countries, to take on new business with new customers quicker with greater confidence.
  • Streamlined Operation Costs  –  After applying each business process the correct manufacturing model, operations are running with less costs and waste.

Unique Infor Syteline Capabilities

Infor ERP is a comprehensive software solution specifically designed for metal fabricators, offering a range of benefits tailored to their industry needs.

Streamlined Operations

    Infor ERP integrates core business processes such as inventory management, production planning, scheduling, purchasing, and order fulfillment. This streamlines operations, reduces manual tasks, minimizes errors, and enhances overall efficiency.

Improved Inventory Management

With Infor ERP, metal fabricators gain real-time visibility into inventory levels, track materials across multiple locations, optimize stocking levels, and automate reorder processes. This ensures materials are available when needed, without overstocking or shortages.

Enhanced Production Planning and Scheduling

Infor ERP enables fabricators to create optimized production plans and schedules based on factors like order priorities, resource availability, machine capacities, and lead times. This maximizes production efficiency, reduces lead times, and ensures on-time delivery to customers.

Cost Control

Infor ERP provides robust financial modules for monitoring costs across various aspects of operations, including materials, labor, overheads, and equipment maintenance. This visibility helps identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize resource utilization, and maintain profitability.

Quality Management

Infor ERP includes quality management modules to define standards, track metrics, conduct inspections, and manage non-conformances. This supports robust quality control processes, enhances product quality, minimizes defects, and meets customer expectations.

Accurate Reporting and Analytics

Infor ERP offers powerful reporting and analytics capabilities for generating customized reports, analyzing KPIs, and gaining actionable insights. This data-driven approach supports informed decision-making, identifies trends, and drives continuous improvement initiatives.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Infor ERP incorporates compliance features to track regulatory requirements, facilitate audits, and ensure adherence to industry standards. This reduces the risk of non-compliance, associated penalties, and supports a culture of regulatory compliance.

Improved Customer Service

Infor ERP integrates CRM functionalities to manage customer interactions, track orders, handle inquiries, and provide timely updates. This enhances customer satisfaction, fosters repeat business, and strengthens long-term relationships.


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