Infor Syteline (aka Cloudsuite) ERP is a robust ERP system for manufacturing industry designed to streamline mixed-mode, engineer to order (ETO), make to order, assemble to order, custom and configure to order manufacturers utilizing manufacturing best practices refined over decades.

ERP Software for Industrial Manufacturing

Infor Syteline (aka Cloudsuite) ERP is a robust ERP system for manufacturing industry designed to streamline mixed-mode, engineer to order (ETO), make to order, assemble to order, custom and configure to order manufacturers utilizing manufacturing best practices refined over decades.

Flexibility and Control of Complex 
Supply Chain Processes

Applying the best strategy for unique situations allows manufacturers to be proactive to ever changing requirements, even if Clients are expanding operations to new countries, and to take on new customers with seamless confidence.

Every business operation within every manufacturing model, continuously improving processes to run with less costs and waste.

“Out-of-the-box” capabilities provide global supply chain planning and transparency across your extended supply chain. Infor cloud based ERP systems for manufacturing and assembly supports multiple manufacturing strategies (ETO, CTO, BTO, MTS, etc.) to ensure maximum process efficiencies.

Tools for Your Businesses

Execute Mixed Manufacturing models; 

  • Assembly to Order (ATO) for sequenced based components,
  • Make to Order (MTO) for components to be assembled in just in time (JIT/Lean),
  • Make to Stock (MTS) for components to be produced in lots,
  • Engineering to Order (ETO) to coordinate the tasks and components throughout the project structure
  • Repetitive for high volume/low mix production parts.

New Product Design, Innovation & Production

Speed is always a competitive advantage. Manufacturers that introduce new products to market quicker will gain market share. In today's economy Manufacturers need to quickly create quotes, accurately submit bids, and launch new products just for survival let alone thrive. With Infor ERP, time to submit initial quotes are compressed, production volumes are increased, resulting in on time deliveries in the 95+ percentile.

Asset Performance and Regulatory Compliance

Syteline provides a powerful solution for keeping your equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets in tip-top shape. You will reduce purchasing costs, inventory levels, and inventory carrying costs, while empowering increased productivity from your staff.

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