Without streamlining processes, companies rarely get what they expect out of ERP

16 Oct 2023 02:02 PM By ess ron

Blending Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and ERP is the ‘special sauce’ to improving business performance.

Since ERP systems first arrived on the scene back in the 1980s, businesses have been jamming round pegs into square holes (only what the software offers).

More Companies today streamline processes (BPR) in concert with a new ERP implementation, improving most aspects of their businesses. However, not all companies have yet accepted this reality (contributing to the high % of ERP dissatisfaction). The (mis)perception is that BPR requires too much time, costs too much money, and requires too much effort while already being burdened with learning a new ERP.

ERPs alone will not result in your expected results.

Streamlining processes are even more critical as companies respond to supply chain variability and the labor shortage of skilled labor.

Companies that implement ERP without streamlining processes statistically realize less value than originally promised by the software sales rep.

Should you expect BPR from your ERP Partner?

The success of any ERP implementation is only 33% attributed to the software functionality, whereas 67% is attributed to the System Integrator you partner with. To ensure business performance improvement your Partner needs to be experienced in both ERP functionality and BPR. Sadly not all are.

‘If you implement ERP without streamlining processes, you will only be placing pretty screens in front of current problems.’

With Infor ERPs, you can personalize functionality to your specific needs and at the same time streamline processes to gain the benefits you expected when you first bought your new system. 

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