Increase Sales with Online Quoting Software - Infor CPQ for Manufacturers

20 Dec 2017 02:23 PM By Dan Telep

This post will focus in on how to increase sales with online quoting software, Infor CPQ. We will touch on some general sales strategies that can apply to any sized business in any industry first.

General Strategies to Increase Sales:

  • Develop a focused strategy around sales and marketing that includes specific companies and customers to target.
  • Events are a great way to network with others in your industry and reach out to potential and existing customers.
  • Concentrate on your most profitable customers. Don't neglect the other customers of course, but find ways to pay some special attention to your high profit clients.
  • Motivating existing employees can lead to higher productivity, which can really affect your bottom line positively. Providing incentives, opportunities for advancement, empowerment and effective communication are all tried and true methods.
  • Prove it - collect some data around supporting your sales efforts, the numbers can speak for themselves a certain amount.
  • Content lead generation - the various blog posts, emails, web pages etc. should have call to action buttons or forms to fill out, sign ups for downloads etc to harvest email addresses of interested parties to that you can easily follow up.
  • Social media -people are spending vast amounts of time on social media, utilized well it can be an effective selling tool.
  • And of course, good Online Quoting Software such as Infor CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) - Excel spreadsheets don't cut it.

Increase Sales with Online Quoting Software, Infor CPQ

We've covered some general methods, now let's focus in on Infor CPQ and how it can directly increase sales. First, let us point out that Infor Configure Price Quote delivers industry-specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors of some custom products. This is a wonderful fact. Infor has already done a lot of the work of customizing the software specifically for some industries. We can take advantage of this! With CPQ you can:
  • Deliver error-free quotes quickly, this can be key to customer confidence and closing complex sales faster.
  • Create a consistent buying experience even when customers are dealing with more than one employee. The information that employees need is at their fingertips anywhere, anytime and with ease.
  • Accelerate the documentation process with automation, ease of use and 24/7 accessibility by anyone from anywhere.
  • Reduce cost per order by eliminating manual processes, we're sensing a theme here...
  • Increase order add-ons easily with the robust Sales Portal and differentiates your brand by offering automated, configurable product previews for customers.
Infor CPQ is cloud-based and easy to use. This means you'll save on IT services and employee frustration, too.

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