Amazon and Infor (Multi-Tenant SaaS) - A Relationship That's Growing

18 Nov 2017 08:53 PM By Dan Telep

Amazon chooses Infor again! Amazon plans to run their transportation and logistics core products on Infor's multi-tenant SaaS by the end of 2017. They will run the GT Nexus platform, an on-demand global supply chain management platform which is used for managing global trade and logistics. Infor aquired GT Nexus in 2015. This is a big win for Infor and is a great confirmation of what we believe at ESS. Amazon chose Infor over Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.

Advantages of Multi-Tenant SaaS

SaaS (Software as a Service) provides you and your team with information when they need it. Though cloud software and "software as a service" is quite well established, there is still progress being made, and in a big way. Many companies are now transitioning from single-tenant to multi-tenant SaaS. Multi-tenant SaaS is generally much more cost effective in terms of hardware and power than single-tenant. It takes much less effort to upgrade multi-tenant SaaS than single-tenant and is a more seamless process. Same with backups and redundancy: if each company (of possibly thousands) required their own virtual server then backups and redundancy would be a much larger undertaking. These items would be more technically challenging and much more expensive.


Infor has a long list of large, reputable companies as customers worldwide and is gaining more and more. Currently, Infor customers include Hertz, Koch Industries, Kellog's, and even a $5 million contract in the aerospace and defense sector. Here's more on Infor's leadership and successes in Saas:   Diginomica covers Infor powering Amazon Global Logistics

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