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ERP Selection Process - Can We Do Better than a Corporate Bird Box Challenge?

I wonder how many of my readers have heard of - or even taken - the Bird Box Challenge? Inspired by the blindfolded antics of Sandra Bullock in the Netflix movie The Bird Box, men, women, children, and even families have been donning blindfolds, covering up their eyes and engaging in activities such...

Dan Telep
01 Feb 2019 11:16 AM - Comment(s)
Succession Planning & ERP
Succession planning in the age of digital transformation has become increasing vital and worthy of discussion. Here's a quick, 3-point breakdown of why.
Dan Telep
14 Nov 2018 10:13 AM - Comment(s)
Why ERP Projects Fail in Canada - and How to Avoid the Same Fate
Find why we believe ERP implementations sometimes fail.
Dan Telep
24 Sep 2018 12:38 PM - Comment(s)
Tariff Workbench for CSI (Syteline) - Webinar Sept 27 10:30am PDT
Businesses in all industries are coming to grips with the new world of international tariffs and trade barriers.
Dan Telep
17 Sep 2018 09:11 AM - Comment(s)
Cybercrime & ERP: Keeping the Barn Door Closed in 2018
Do not bury your head in the sand. Cybercrime is highly profitable, and everyone is at risk.
Dan Telep
27 Jun 2018 01:03 PM - Comment(s)