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Modern business systems and technology have moved from the top floor to the shop floor in many industries.  In order to survive and compete in the modern world, more and more companies realize that Digital Transformation and the modernization of business processes are critical.  At ESS we help our customers achieve their business goals with a focus on technology, automation, and metrics.

Free Infogrfaphic - Mythbusting the Agile ERP

Historically, IT professionals in the manufacturing industry have believed agile practices can’t go hand-in-hand with ERP transformation. But the truth is—a variety of agile practices can deliver game-changing returns..
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Improve Business Productivity and Agility with modern ERP

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Businesses everywhere know they need to stay current to stay relevant.  Listen to industry experts...

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Digital Commerce 360

Xometry takes off as an on demand manufacturing marketplace

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Gilberts Airs Make to Order Production Benefits with Infor. 

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Survive the roller coaster of digitalization with flexible ERP (December 2019)

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Two Tier ERP Solutions Help Meet Vertical Industry Needs

Clash of the Titans 2020

An Independent Comparison of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Infor.  
Clash of the Titans 2020 analyzes responses collected from Panorama’s ERP Benchmark Survey between November 2018 and September 2019. The dataset includes 134 respondents who have selected or
implemented SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or Infor ERP solutions for their organizations. The analysis is based on a variety of solutions offered by the four vendors.

The foundation of business modernization is your Enterprise Platform and ERP system.
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