Standout Reasons for Cloud ERP

13 Oct 2017 04:11 PM By Dan Telep

As companies and people in general are getting much more used to cloud hosting, we notice that our customers (and ourselves!) appreciate some of the many benefits of data in the cloud. Here's just a few of the reasons we appreciate (and recommend) Cloud ERP for our clients these days vs. traditional on-site enterprise stand-alone systems:

Cloud ERP is Better for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

This benefit may seem obvious, especially to anyone who had a business, personal or even school project crash on them in the early years of computing. Remember that first time in the computer lab at college typing up an eight-page document, only to have your application or entire computer crash to realize "Oops, I should have been saving that!" How about those old days at work when the on-site server crashed, and you find that the back up tape system had failed? This doesn't happen with Cloud ERP. With Cloud ERP, your company is freed from the responsibility of maintaining an in-house server and all that goes with it (cost, resources, time, stress). With an Infor Cloud ERP solution, your data and the servers that hold it are looked after by someone whose sole business is data and servers.


Cloud ERP is Better for Connectivity

Gone are the days of everyone plugging into a computer 'workstation' set up at a desk in a conventional office. This is very handy for field techs and workers within a building that are moving around and inputting data using a tablet, laptop or phone. No need to concern ourselves with the LAN or the WAN anymore -- it's 'have internet connection will travel'. People can work from home, car, airport, other office, anywhere. With Cloud ERP, you can input and access data from anywhere you have a device and Internet access. This allows teams to work more effectively, with less errors/forgetting, and less time spent trying to get data entered in at one's office-based desk.


Essential Software Solutions: Your Cloud ERP Consultants in Vancouver

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