APICS Video - Why Seek Supply Chain Management Certification

06 Sep 2017 01:38 PM By Dan Telep

This video is the third most popular on the APICS youtube channel right now and offers a quick overview on the many industries, people and places that Supply Chain Management (SCM) touches. The video has over 9,700 views as of now and is one minute and nine seconds well spent for all of us involved, or hoping to be involved, in the SCM industry. APICS "provides Supply Chain professionals with the knowledge and know-how to raise the bar on supply chain excellence". This is a direct quote from the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFzPOsFfvh0&list=PLbldFZXZlDfOJ6Nv4-4okMVaw6LAELg6j APICS is focused on all things Supply Chain and is a great place to gain Education and Supply Chain Management Certification or attend Events. For those near Vancouver, there are currently two Supply Chain Events coming up in September and October 2017. Other events planned for Victoria, too. There are also Volunteer Opportunities.

About APICS Vancouver

APICS Vancouver offers workshops, certification courses and monthly networking opportunities on a regular basis. APICS Certifications combined with an ongoing series of industry specific workshops for individuals and organizations improve their practices, processes and work more effectively. There is always an opportunity to improve your understanding of any topic related to supply chain and operations management. APICS certification courses cover the fundamentals, and workshops offer further insight into specific areas. Read this and more on the APICS website >>

The ESS Connection

The team at Essential Software Solutions in Vancouver is tied well in to APICS work and supply chain management. We implement Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) solutions that are specifically designed to improve business operations in Industrial Manufacturing, Machine Shop, Fabrication, Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturing and Field Service-based companies. Supply Chain Management and ERP solutions are a natural match.. Also, hop over to our YouTube channel to view our new Playlist containing the top three most popular APICS videos on Supply Chain Management. Contact ESS today! We'd be happy to answer any questions you have on ERP and supply chain management in manufacturing in Canada.