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October is Manufacturing month! And Manufacturing Day was in October too. We've taken the liberty to share some resources from a recent  Infor post on Manufacturing Month, which was full of resources for those in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Day! Celebrate. Innovate. Empower.


Dan Telep
26 Oct 2017 10:48 AM - Comment(s)
Read about ERP for Manufacturing and how it works to accelerate growth and profit.
Dan Telep
24 Oct 2017 10:47 AM - Comment(s)
Standout Reasons for Cloud ERP
As companies and people in general are getting much more used to cloud hosting, we notice that our customers (and ourselves!) appreciate some of the many benefits of data in the cloud. Here's just a few of the reasons we appreciate (and recommend) Cloud ERP for our clients these days vs. traditional...
Dan Telep
13 Oct 2017 04:11 PM - Comment(s)
For many years, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software installation involved a partnership between a company that resells and installs the ERP system (us) with the company that builds the software (our chosen partner, Infor). Now, of course, business software such as ERP systems are moving (...
Dan Telep
13 Oct 2017 04:00 PM - Comment(s)
This video is the third most popular on the APICS youtube channel right now and offers a quick overview on the many industries, people and places that Supply Chain Management (SCM) touches. The video has over 9,700 views as of now and is one minute and nine seconds well spent for all of us involved,...
Dan Telep
06 Sep 2017 01:38 PM - Comment(s)