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How to Uncover the Truth About ERP Software Before You Buy

Andy Pratico

Business Improvement Advisor & ERP Evaluation Coach

Brett Austin, MBA

Business Improvement Advisor

This popular web workshop is scheduled for August 13, 2024, at 9:00 AM PDT.

According to The Wall Street Journal, 73.8% of companies are dissatisfied with their current ERP systems. Sales demos, typically only a few hours long, cannot compare to the years it takes to become proficient in an ERP. Therefore, it is no surprise that incorrect assumptions from these demos exacerbate the negative opinions about ERPs.

Maybe it is time to consider another method when evaluating these systems. How about using some common sense?

With over six decades of combined industry experience, Andy Pratico and Brett Austin's advice will guide you to uncover the truth about ERPs before you buy.



What You'll Learn?

ERP Salesman Tricks they do not want you to notice

Why ERP Sales Demos Are Never Enough when evaluating ERP Software 

Why the ERP Dissatisfaction Rate Is So High

Vendor References: Which references would you include on your resume?

Would you prefer to review demos with a professional presenter that only has one goal in mind? To sell you software? Or would you prefer to review ERPs with the Trainers you will work with after you buy?

With Zoom/Team meetings being so prevalent, what is the advantage having Local ERP Support?


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