How to Uncover the Truth About ERP Before You Buy (for Aerospace and Defense Industry)


Andy Pratico,  Brett Austin, MBA

April 23, 2024 - 9:00 am (Pacific Time)

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According to The Wall Street Journal, 73.8% of companies are not happy with their current ERP. As sales demos are usually a few hours, yet it takes a few years to become ERP fluent, the incorrect assumptions from watching sales demos are no surprise. In fact, sales demos exacerbate the negative opinions we all hear about ERPs.

Maybe it is time to consider another method when evaluating these systems? How about using some Common Sense?

Combined over 6 decades in the industry, Andy’s and Brett’s advice will guide you to uncover the truth about ERPs before you buy. Isn’t uncovering the truth exactly what we are trying to do when evaluating these systems?

You are also welcome to schedule a review of popular ERPs (objective customer opinions on 36 popular ERPs).

Discussion Topics

  • Critical Functional Criteria Unique to A&D
  • How to Tailor Your Search for ERP?
  • How to Identify Vendors That Support Your Business?
  • A&D ERP Business Cases the Justify A Decision
  • Selection Process Framework for ERP

Why should Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer professionals attend to this insightful ERP webinar? 

Despite its benefits, implementing ERP software for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers can be challenging for several reasons:

• Integration Complexity: Does your ERP require bolt-on sub-systems? Or, does your ERP provide sub-systems, like: PLM, CAD, MES, APS, Project Cost Acctg., and QMS, integrated to back office functions, OTB (out-of-the-box)?  Integrating an ERP with bolt-on’s, legacy systems and specialized software can be complex and time-consuming. Ensuring seamless data flow across these business disciplines, is a significant challenge. 

• Flexibility: Is your current ERP highly flexible? Is it modifiable to accommodate growth into new or changing business opportunities? Or, does flexibility only relate to how you pay your ERP vendor? Complexity favors the former definition for A&D manufacturers. Unique and critical processes oftentimes require unique and critical software changes. Balancing the flexibility to modify ERP, while maintaining system integrity and upgradability can be a challenge.

• Data Security: With national security and sensitive intellectual property at stake, data security is always a challenge. Does .gov cloud provide a fail-safe option? Or, does on-premises management of your data provide a higher level of security? Maybe it’s a Hybrid of the two?

• Training and Change Management: 80% of a successful implementation is attributable to the ERP implementation partner you select, only 20% is attributable to the functionality. Finding a partner that combines training and business process change management is a challenge.

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