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7 Compelling Reasons to Implement ERP Software

04 Feb 2021 11:37 PM By Levi - Comment(s)
7 Compelling Reasons to Implement ERP Software

What business owner or executive would not want to get more done in less time by automating business processes? The increase in ERP software adoption rate shows that every business wants fast and efficient ways to get things done. 50% of companies are acquiring, upgrading, or planning to update ERP ...

Top-Criteria for Deciding On the Right ERP

04 Feb 2021 11:26 PM By Levi - Comment(s)
Top-Criteria for Deciding On the Right ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business application platform that helps businesses manage their day-to-day activities such as accounting, sales metrics, compliance management, and more. It facilitates your business in every department. More than ever, various companies offer this software, ...

Pandemic and Cybersecurity Why is there is a Bigger Need Now?

19 Jan 2021 09:07 PM By Levi - Comment(s)
The global COVID-19 pandemic caused plights in plenty of areas. It disrupted businesses, derailed long-term plans, and caused significant changes in everyone’s way of life – overall, it irrevocably changed the way business is done on a global scale.


The pandemic forced a lot of industries to turn to ...

6 Reasons to Consider Moving to the Cloud in 2021

19 Jan 2021 08:44 PM By Levi - Comment(s)

Until recently, the cloud has only been available to larger tech companies that had the money to invest in it. Even today, the debate about moving to the cloud is ongoing. It can be hard to trust your data in the hands of the cloud, but there are some incredible payoffs that make moving to the cloud...