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Why Tariff Management?

Businesses in all industries are coming to grips with the new world of international tariffs and trade barriers. Manufacturers and distributors on either side of the border now need to manage and monitor landed costs associated with items and materials sourced outside their borders.

We all see the challenge. ESS has developed a tool to help. ESS understood the strain and potential risk that these new costing challenges pose to business, and has build a workbench to assist CSI users in deploying and managing landed costs related to import duties and tariffs.

The Tariff Workbench gives businesses the ability to RAPIDLY deploy and update tariff rates, adjusting costs at both the item, and vendor contract levels.

Use to:


Rapidly update the standard landed cost for items and based on HTS code, vendor address, and other pre-defined filters.


Update Vendor Contract Pricing based on the Country specified in the Vendor record


Today businesses MUST be aware and manage tariff costs when producing estimates or setting standard selling based on cost. Reduce Risk.

How it Works:

The Tariff Workbench provides a single form to both preview and commit changes to tariff-related costs across many tiems, based on a combination of fields including HTC Code and your vendors’ country, from which you will receive goods.

Built in Mongoose, the Tariff Workbench works with CSI/Syteline for all 9.x versions.
tariff workbench CSI

Next Steps:

  1. Contact ESS and request a contract proposal.
  2. Schedule Installation with our Tech Team.
  3. We’ll provide a .5 hour Orientation to show you how it works.
  4. Manage costs with the Tariff Workbench.

Learn more at our September 27 Webinar:

Thirty-minute webinar Thursday September 27, 10:30-11am PDT. Sign up to learn more>>

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