Flexibility and Control of Complex Manufacturing Processes

“Out-of-the-box” capabilities provide global supply chain planning and transparency across all suppliers and outsource business partners within the extended supply chain. Infor manufacturing and assembly supports multiple manufacturing strategies (ETO, CTO, BTO, MTS, etc.) to ensure process efficiency and accurate costing.

Improved flexibility and agility – Apply the proper method for the right situation allows manufacturers to react to changing requirements, to move operations to new countries, to take on new business with new customers quicker with greater confidence

Streamlined Operation Costs – After applying each business process the correct manufacturing model, operations are running with less costs and waste.

Tools for your business:

  • Multi-site (global) demand and supply planning provides a holistic view and management of capacity and demand.
  • Manufacturing capabilities and built-in process models support all manufacturing typologies and manage the most complex, highly engineered, or project-based configurations. And more.
  • Execute Mixed Manufacturing models:
    • Assembly to Order (ATO) for sequenced based components
    • Make to Order (MTO) for components to be assembled in just in time (JIT)
    • Make to Stock (MTS) for components to be produced in lots
    • Engineering to Order (ETO) to coordinate the tasks for all new component
    • Repetitive for production parts.
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

New Product Design, Innovation & Introduction

Today innovation is king and manufacturers that can introduce new products quicker are gaining market share. Speed is competitive differentiator. Time to submit initial quotes are compressed, production volumes reduced, and product life is shortened. This means that manufacturers need to quickly and accurately create their quotes, submit their bid, and then launch their new products to survive let alone thrive in today’s economy.

Our solution helps with:

Estimate/Quoting – Leverage project management to examine previous programs performance in terms of planned vs. actual cost variances. Project templates to simplify program planning and costing.

New Product Design & Innovation – Tight integration PLM provides the initial engineer to order phase of the program, manage the Approval Process, and then ramp-up production into the repetitive manufacturing phase.

Program Visibility – Maintain visibility to the program in terms of status and costs with projects and sub -projects. Infor10 alerts and event management enables better results with timely issue management and resolution.


Visibility – Gain a better understanding of how product changes impact cost, inventory, production schedules, cycle time, and quality across disciplines, partners, and the product lifecycle.

Collaboration – A fully integrated project management solution facilitates coherence with workflow, escalation, and resource views to improve efficiency and ensure timely change deployment.

Customer Satisfaction – A disciplined and collaborative process allows changes to implemented on time while maintaining high customer service levels in quality and delivery performance.

Asset Performance and Regulatory Compliance

A powerful solution for keeping your company’s equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets in tip-top shape in order to maximize your profits. It will help you cut your purchasing costs, inventory levels, and inventory carrying costs, while making your workers more productive.


  • Maintenance scheduling and resource
  • Equipment reliability and risk
  • Inventory and warranty management to reduce inventory and purchasing costs and collect on warranty
  • Strategic planning to manage assets to meet performance.


  • Prevent surprises in your operations while uncovering potential avenues of
  • Monitor and manage the use and performance of company assets to gain better insight and control over your
  • Simplify com pliance with environmental
  • Provides greater visibility into your operation so you can trim inefficiencies and improve
  • Improves your maintenance schedules, increases uptime of manufacturing cells.

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