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Flexibility and Control of Complex Manufacturing Processes

Infor CloudSuite provides global supply chain planning and transparency across all suppliers and outsource business partners within the extended supply chain. Infor manufacturing and supply chain management supports multiple manufacturing strategies to ensure process efficiency and accurate costing.

  • Multi-site (global) demand and supply planning provides a holistic view and management of capacity and demand.
  • Manufacturing capabilities and built-in process models support all manufacturing typologies and manage the most complex, highly engineered, or project-based configurations. And more.

Software that gives you:

  • Company-wide visibility of finance, operations, inventory, and capacity.
  • Make efficient use of your material and production resources, turning capacity into capability to deliver.
  • Reduce design-to-deliver cycle time and bring new products to market more profitably.
  • Identify and react more quickly to changes in your supply chain and take advantage of opportunities to grow revenue.
  • Better visibility to your suppliers, who in turn improve their delivery performance to you.
  • Maximum flexibility to change manufacturing methods to suit your business.


Features for High Tech and Electronics Manufacturing

Infor CloudSuite has integrated business process to define product structures and configurations the way they are developed and enhanced providing total flexibility from concept to delivery. Product definition capabilities and integrations with manufacturing provide the most flexible and automated solution for managing design-to-delivery of various product types. Key functions include: product structure creation; accurate bids, quotes and order entry; product and project costs; forecasts and production plans, and automated configuration changes of standard product.

Product Definition & Configuration

  • Product development activities are directly linked to sales opportunities
  • Easy access to centralized data repository (specs, documents and product data) for accurate information and a single version of the truth
  • Visibility and collaboration across all areas of the supply chain including suppliers and customers
  • Accurate portfolio / lifecycle decisions to improve revenue and reduce costs
  • Easy order entry and available-to-promise calculations
  • Accurate cost analysis for all product revisions and configurations.

Tools for the Industry

  • Life Cycle Management tightly integrated to production, inventory, and service
  • Product Data Management provides centralized (global) data repository
  • CAD and Office Integrations provides quick links to drawings, spec, etc.
  • Workflow and Notifications ensures better processes and timely actions.
  • Sales and Manufacturing Configurator synchronizes order entry with production
  • Effectivity Units allows for simple configuration of standard products.


Regulatory compliance to support industry specific requirements

The unique micro-vertical needs for High-Tech and Electronics manufacturers built into the enterprise solutions so that you will not need to customize the software allowing you to upgrade faster for less cost

  • The speed and cost to upgrade is significantly reduced
  • The cost of internal IT costs will be reduced
  • The enterprise will no longer be trapped into older technology
  • Integrations will not need to dependent on a monolithic approach.

High Tech Value and Flexibility

High tech companies require a business solution that can easily be re-configured to meet ever-changing geographies, supply chain networks, mergers, and acquisitions.
Pre-built process maps ( integrated with the applications) and setup wizards are used to automatically create role based user security, functional requirements, and reports; finance and logistic company structures and relationships; and system parameters.
Users will be quickly be provided with a “consumer friendly” single screen workspace with easy navigation and access to all information required to support their specific “day-in-a life” activities.

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