What to Look for in a Business Cloud Hosting Provider

13 Oct 2017 04:00 PM By Dan Telep

For many years, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software installation involved a partnership between a company that resells and installs the ERP system (us) with the company that builds the software (our chosen partner, Infor). Now, of course, business software such as ERP systems are moving (or have moved already) to the cloud. For businesses trying to avoid allocating money and resources necessary to manage in-house IT services for large scale enterprise products, the cloud is a dream come true. With cloud-based systems, a new player is introduced to the equation: the cloud hosting provider. We came across a blog post written by Infor Labs senior VP, Brian Rose. The blog post is from the perspective of Infor as a software builder looking at important qualities to look for in a cloud hosting provider.
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"In 2014, Infor began utilizing the superb infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS)."

What to Look for in a Business Cloud Hosting Provider

Providers should provide capabilities you need now, and in the future

A good cloud provider needs to provide a robust, scalable, global infrastructure with proven track record of meeting service level commitments. Your cloud partner must have a wide library of services that allows your company to build on its capabilities. This should include tools for analytics, compliance, data migration, mobile services, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and content delivery. Providing you with the ability to preview new technologies as well as the option to use and provide feedback on new services is a signal that your cloud partner values collaboration, listens to what their customers have in mind, and is focused on driving innovation. More...

Providers should understand the industries you operate in

The right cloud partner will understand the industries and markets that your company delivers products and services to. Every industry has unique regulations and processes that must be met, and in many cases audited. Cloud providers need to offer the infrastructure and services to meet these deep industry requirements. More...

Providers should support your global ambitions

Cloud partners need to operate in all of the markets that your company does business in now, or plans to expand to in the future. An important advantage that our relationship with AWS provides us is the ability to more effectively meet the rigorous standards for data privacy and security in the cloud that many of our global customers require."  More... If these snippets have peaked your interest, here's the full article on Infor's blog. Read more about the partnership between AWS and Infor here on the Amazon Web Services website.

ESS Can Help with Choosing Cloud Hosting Providers

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