Executive Team at Essential Software Solutions:

Ron Hepting, CGA

President & CEO

Ron is the client-focused & hands-on visionary of Essential Software Solutions (ESS).

His primary mission is to assist ESS clients in the planning of their business software solutions to enhance best business practices.

As a financial controller and CGA himself, Ron knows the criteria that the person in charge of solving their business’ software needs has. His commitment to speaking their language while understanding the challenges they face is invaluable to ESS and ensures that our clients go through their implementation process smoothly and without incident.

When not personally involved in finding solutions for the pain points of ESS clients, Ron can be found leading and directing the ESS team. Through Ron’s vision and implementation of sustainable business methods, ESS and its staff are well positioned to deliver excellence in ERP project management services to Western Canadian enterprises without exception.

Ron is an accredited Certified General Accountant of British Columbia with over 25 years of project management and business consulting experience.

Contact Ron: ron@essoft.com | 604-215-3208

Dan Telep

VP of Marketing and Operations

Dan has been working with and leading ERP implementation projects for over 20 years.  Dan has a passion and a vision for how ERP can transform an organization.  Affectionately called an ERP Evangelist, his ability to hear a business need and translate that into a practical solution is second to none.  He also has ERP leadership experience in a variety of industries, including aerospace, medical devices, metal fabrication, and food products.

For the first 10 years of Dan’s ERP career, he was an ERP user, using Infor ERP as his weapon-of-choice to measure, achieve, and improve both operations and financial processes.

Dan then became an Infor ERP implementation consultant, and helped implement and improve over 55 different business in different industries, across Canada. After six years, he founded ERP That Works Corporation, which became one of the top performing Infor Channel Partners within a few short years.  He believed and demonstrated that there was a better way to sell to, and serve, Canadian ERP customers.

In January 2016, ERP That Works partnered with ESS to become a single beacon for Infor Sales and Support in Western Canada, now serving the entire country.

Contact Dan: dtelep@essoft.com

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