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We were so pleased to help our Infor Syteline ERP (CSI) client Rulmeca in Ontario recently with a server issue – specifically, corrupt virtual machine. We care about helping our customers succeed no matter where they are in the ERP process. Here’s what the Rulmeca team said of the service in early February 2017:

The Syteline ERP team at Essential Software Solutions (ESS) in Vancouver, BC, saved the day - and our data. On Wednesday, we shut the Syteline server down for maintenance. It didn’t come back up. With a corrupt virtual machine, we had to restore from backup. Jim Cho and the ESS Syteline team were called and made themselves available to ensure the restore worked and the SQL transactions were updated smoothly. ESS worked many hours into the evening testing to make sure all was OK for Rulmeca on Thursday morning. With help from ESS, our data loss was minimal. Couldn’t have asked for better service. If the Syteline server had stayed down, we would have had no access to orders and made no progress on our manufacturing schedule. This would have required us to manually re-enter all data from Thursday related to orders, purchasing and manufacturing . Thanks, ESS!
  • Greg Underwood, IT Manager,, leading manufacturer and supplier of rollers, motorized pulleys, components and solutions for the global materials handling industry, based in Wallaceburg, Ontario

Contact Essential Software Solutions (ESS) if you need help implementing ERP (or solving ERP issues – such as corrupt virtual machine) in your Engineer to Order, Build to Order, Configure to Order, Custom to Order, Assemble to Order and Make to Order manufacturing company. We provide manufacturing software solutions for Industrial Manufacturers / Machine Shops / Fabrication Shops / Job Shops / Furniture Manufacturers / Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturers / Field Service-based companies across Canada. You can trust our 40 years of experience to bring growth and scalability to your business through our hands-on consultation, implementation, and Enterprise Resource Planning software support. Contact us >>

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