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This informative video showcases how business processes can change and become more streamlined using Infor Syteline ERP systems.

Metcam is located in Alpharetta, Georgia and is a recognized as a world class sheet metal fabrication company and went live on Infor Syteline in February of 2012. Metcam is one of the largest sheet metal fabricators in South East USA.

Video Overview – Infor Syteline in Action

The video begins with the company president discussing the integration throughout the system, the visibility on the data, and the ability to make strategic decisions with that data. He also mentions that Info has helped Metcam reduce their inventory by 50%! This translates into money savings for the business – big win.

The video then moves to the Chief Financial Officer who says that since the rollout, he uses Syteline every day. It enables him to understand every aspect of the business, from the ‘top line, down to every dollar of expense’. I would imagine this would be something that would make any CFO very happy. He later discusses how valuable the system is for allowing him to access relevant data to help make strategic decisions.

The Materials Manager then discusses how Syteline is used directly for daily and weekly business routines. Eg – demand for raw materials, planned production job orders needing to be released to the system.

The Customer Service Manager discusses how her role has gone almost paperless and the efficiency that this has added. Eg – copies of all day to day activities and emails right there in the system and no need to print it out anymore.

The Production Scheduling Manager loves the drill down capability that he says he has not found to this extent in other systems, great for managing orders.

The video ends on a very encouraging note, with the President discussing how he feels that Metcam would choose Infor again and why they would, including Infor’s large base of customers. He also mentions that they are happy that they chose Infor Syteline!

What a wonderful testimonial for Infor from Metcam. It is great to see how a real life customer is using Infor Syteline and the details of how it is used day to day and by whom. It was really informative to hear details on how the different departments use the system and to see how the data from each would integrate with each other.

Watch the whole video here.

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We will try to keep the Infor Syteline Reviews coming, it can be very helpful to see examples of other real-world companies using a technology that you yourself may be considering. In the meantime, this blog post on the benefits of ERP systems may be of interest.

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