This is a great video that really sums up the amazing aspects and functionality in this technology. Infor CloudSuite Industrial just keeps getting better and better.

Direct from the video, here are some of the points that are mentioned.We think this software has really pulled together so many disparate and wonderful aspects of modern business intelligence computing.

  • Designed specifically for manufacturers of highly engineered products.
  • Respond faster, configure and quote quickly, effectively manage complex projects.
  • Includes real-time data capture, alerts and intelligent workflows, easy access to accurate cost data, helps you identify your most profitable projects and customers.
  • Designed with a simple, elegant user experience
  • With tools for social collaboration facilitating business with external trading partners.
  • Built in analytics to track real time operational performance.
  • Highly secure, reliable, flexible cloud offering.

Offered on a monthly subscription basis, as you expand simply add new users.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial excels at providing a competitive advantage by helping manufacturers respond to fast-changing market pressures.

See the video here:

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