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We’ve covered topics such as the benefits of ERP  (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in previous blog pieces. Let’s take the next step and drill down to specifics on how to use ERP to improve business growth and impact your bottom line.

ERP is the core business technology platform many small and medium businesses use to run all their day to day business functions. At ESS, we work with companies with revenues between $25 million and $250 million.

Often, businesses grow from a small shop with few employees where they use disparate manual processes and software such as excel spreadsheets to cobble together quotes, scheduling, payroll, resource planning, billing, and logistical matters such as shipping and merchandizing. This can work fine in the beginning, but be really cumbersome and inefficient as a business grows and hires more employees, gains more clients, and manages more products.

Maybe you’ve been through these transitions and already have an ERP system in place. Maybe you’re just looking for ways to learn how to fully realize the potential of an ERP system.

Here are some ways in which ERP can improve business growth:

A well-planned ERP system can grow with you.

When things are going well, a well-planned ERP system will allow you to grow your business (and the system itself) without slowing you down. This way, you can focus valuable energies and talents of yourself and your team as you grow, not implementing big changes to the peripheral systems required to run the business.

ERP Systems help automate tasks.

How great is it to have the system send an automatic confirmation of ‘thank you for your order, here are your billing details’ or other automated tasks for day to day operations. Again freeing up employees for other tasks and thought processes.

ERP Systems help you use the data you have.

In fact, most of that data was right there the whole time, it’s just that now you can see it.

With ERP in place, your business data is now contained in one system, making it easy to combine sources and run queries in one place to find the business information you need. Imagine cross-referencing distribution channels, top sellers, customer orders and production or parts requirements. This data can be combined and organized into concise reports distributed to the people that need them. Modern ERP systems also allow access to data and reports from any device from desktop to mobile. Powerful stuff.

ERP Systems help you understand buying cycles – who will want what, and when.

When you have more insight into the buying cycles of your clients, you can plan ahead and capitalize on them. Are more widgets bought every spring? If so, which of your spring widget promos was most successful over the past 5 years? Can you run that campaign again, but improve it even more? And then of course, run some reports after the fact to see if it did succeed by using all that juicy data sitting right at your fingertips.

ERP Systems help you know who has been contacted, who needs to be reached out to again.

ERP systems help keep records of correspondence and activities and schedules, and track when to reach out to a client at appropriate key points of the sales or support cycle. Never over-contact (pester) or under-contact again. ERP systems can include easy-to-use functionality for controlling and improving communications to your sales pipeline. Without a system in place, it may not be easy for people to organize scattered information around various individual prospective clients.

Whether you’re a young business just starting out and considering your growth options, or have already implemented your ERP system, know that investing in ERP can improve business growth.

If you’re a small or medium company in Canada, especially in the oil and gas and/or manufacturing industry, make Essential Software Solutions your go-to company for all things ERP. You can contact us for ERP installs, maintenance, support, consultation or even brainstorming ideas on how to get the most out of your ERP system to grow your business to the max! We are Infor Gold Level partners, we have offices in Vancouver and Calgary, and have been in the ERP business for over 40 years. Our team has an incredible amount of experience and works very closely with our clients, meaning you get to work with our key people one-on-one and leverage the most benefit from our experience. Contact us today.

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