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ERP systems aren’t just for big business anymore – medium and small business ERP systems have come a long way in very recent years.

For very small shops with only a handful of employees, operations are often run on a disparate collection of applications, spreadsheets, accounting software and even some paper work. Often, different platforms are used for things like purchase orders, payroll and scheduling. Years ago, it was just large scale companies that could afford to purchase and maintain all the hardware and software required for enterprise systems. New Infor ERP products as well as cloud computing have really made these systems more accessible for the smaller scale and often growing business.

Why Does a Business Need ERP?

Companies may find that as they grow, systems that were working well for them don’t scale well. They’re frustrated. Yet, these companies may find that the efficiency gained with a small business ERP system would be huge. Companies may think that they are too small for an ERP system, but that’s not necessarily true. The cost of an ERP system is definitely a consideration, as well as how complicated the start-up and usability of the system is. Therefore, it’s key to find a low cost, scalable, uncomplicated ERP system that can work for small business. Having a team such as the team at ESS support you through the business analysis and implementation can also make a big difference in whether or not small business ERP will deliver on these business promises.

Benefits of Small Business ERP/Medium-sized Business ERP

Benefits of ERP systems include:

  • Lowered operating costs
  • Lowered admin costs
  • Inventory reduction
  • Improved scheduling
  • Improvements in delivery completion and delivery time
  • Standardized office procedures
  • Real time shared data updates via the cloud based system to all workers, including in-office and remote
  • Dynamic, flexible
  • Systems that can be tailored to your specific business
  • Scalable up or down depending on business growth, seasonality, business cycles
  • Much lower up-front costs than a traditional ERP system
  • System roll out and training are not complicated.

The improvements in visibility and transparency of data will impact your business positively from the outset. Infor products require less customization, shorter implementation time, and fewer resources to maintain than other ERP systems. Info cloud products are also available as hosted and subscription models, saving capital and upfront costs. If your business prefers on-premise data and servers, that is also possible with Infor.

Industry specific systems such as Infor CloudSuite Industrial, our favourite ERP product, is purpose built and designed for Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning. It includes features and functionality tailored to the manufacturing industry.

Sound good? Contact us to hear about how small business ERP can make a difference in your business. We serve manufacturers, field service businesses and those in oil and gas. Our office is in Vancouver, but we have clients all over Western Canada, and expanding into Ontario. Our typical client has an ERP budget of $150K CAD. Call ESS at 1.800.661.4456 or see our Contact page.


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