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There are some common decision trees companies go through when picking an ERP consultant.

First, you want to find an ERP software solution that fits what your company requires and a vendor that is experienced in deploying similar projects successfully.

You should also consider if your ERP consultant is responsive and proactive (you hope so). Do they provide the full spectrum of services you require? Can they offer a solution that will achieve what you want within you budget?

Let’s delve a little deeper into the questions you should be asking when looking for an ERP consultant:

Does your ERP consultant implement software that is appropriate for your specific business and industry?

Essential Software Solutions (ESS) serves the markets of Field Service, Industrial Manufacturing and Discrete Manufacturing in Canada. ESS is an Gold Infor partner that provides full service implementation and support of Infor Syteline ERP, Infor Service Management and Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management).

Are they experienced in similar sized and types of projects?

Essential Software Solutions has over 40 years of experience and a team of over a dozen members experienced in defining clear objectives, providing business analysis, following a proper project management methodology, and supporting our user base. During four decades of service, we have worked with businesses of many sizes.

Are they familiar with the major benefits of ERP systems and how to maximize the benefits for your specific business?

Typical advantages of cloud-based and premise-based ERP solutions include simplification of IT, reducing IT costs, scalability, and simple and easy access from anywhere, anytime, from any device. Our team are dedicated experts in our specific markets. Focusing and keeping the scope of offerings narrow instead of broad ensures that our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced at what we do. The beauty of Infor Syteline ERP solutions is they are fully customizable, yet come out of the box with some of the most typical reports and configurations to support a business in Service Management or Manufacturing.

(Read more on the benefits of cloud-based ERP here.)

Are they cognizant the common pitfalls of an ERP implementation and how to avoid or minimize the common pitfalls?

For an ERP solution to be successful, communication and understanding on both sides are extremely important.

The ERP reseller needs to thoroughly understand the client’s business requirements to get the right system in place and to customize the solution effectively.

The customer needs clarity and transparency from the reseller regarding many things such as total project cost, scheduling, flexibility of the solution and getting to understand the range of solutions available.

Another key to ERP success is keeping the solution as simple as possible and getting teams to start and keep using it, despite learning curves and “transition push back.”

(Read why some ERP projects fail – hint – poor planning!)

Are they responsive, offer excellent customer service, provide system training and support?

You want an ERP consultant who is responsive, offers excellent customer service, and more. At ESS, we offer an extensive collection of ERP solution services (see ) such as ERP consultation, implementation, customization, support, education, performance analysis, documentation services and hardware sales and service. A recent client noted how they appreciated us being on hand when they piloted their ERP solution.

Can they work within your budget?

ESS has worked with business of all sizes and and varying budgets and can customize an ERP solution to suit your budget. Solutions can be scaled as your business grows or perhaps has some seasonal or other slow periods.

In conclusion, an ERP implementation and launch is made more successful if you choose the right vendor or partner.

With 40 years of experience and many satisfied customers on our roster, ESS has a very good working knowledge of what is needed for an ERP implementation to be successful, including being aware of some of the common pitfalls and preventing them from coming up.

Contact us and discover how an experienced ERP consultant can lead you through the process. This is our reality — we do it every day.

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