why do ERP projects fail

While planning a successful ERP roll out, it’s helpful to look at implementations that were not successful with an eye to not making those same mistakes.

Gartner reports that 75% of all ERP projects fail – Independent researcher Vanson Bourne looks into some of the reasons why:

Why Do ERP Projects Fail?

Bourne emphasizes that firstly, communication and understanding on both sides are extremely important. The ERP reseller needs to thoroughly understand the client’s business requirements to get the right system in place and to have enough understanding to be able to customize the solution effectively. The customer needs clarity and transparency from the reseller in regards to many things such as total project cost, scheduling, flexibility of the solution and getting to understand the range of solutions available.

This process will take time, openness, effective communication, listening carefully and expressing yourself clearly and with transparency.

Keeping the solution as simple overall as is possible is also key, according to Bourne. Focusing on the most needed customizations and keeping the implementation as standardized as possible can be pivotal in keeping a project on-time and on-budget.

ESS Can Lead You to a Successful ERP Project

ESS has extensive experience providing customized ERP solutions to a wide variety of industries including Industrial Manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing and Field Service. We have learned and truly lived these lessons time and again and have refined our consultation, implementation, customization, support and education services with these experiences in mind.
Let ESS put our decades of experience and top notch service-oriented team in place to help you roll out a successful ERP solution that is on-time, on-budget and specifically suited for your business. We specialize in Infor products such as Infor Cloud Suite Industrial ERP (SyteLine), Infor CPQ (Configure Price Quote), and Infor Service Management.

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