Microsoft Sharepoint has mostly been known for is excellent capabilities in document archiving for organizations. However, Sharepoint’s capabilities go far beyond this with extensive collaboration and content management features, all of which can be customized by the user.  By giving your organization the tools to freely access data on demand you will keep them not only connected to the pulse but they will also become more effective and productive as a result.  Here are some examples as to how:

  • Collaborative Tools: Share information and resources within your organization on demand. Coordinate calendars, organize documents, and never miss an important update again. Also, while users are mobile, they can stay connected with offline syncing capabilities as well.
  • Easy to Integrate: As part of the Microsoft family, Sharepoint allows users to work within familiar tools such as Microsoft Office which drastically reduces learning time.  Workspaces, document editing, editing calendars can all be done quickly and easily using already familiar tools.
  • Use Only What You Need: Does your organization have specific and particular processes? No problem! Custom deployment can happen fast with application templates to help you accomplish your unique business process.
  • Start Sharing Now: Sharepoint has the ability to be scaled as little or as big as you want and these settings can be changed as you grow or shrink with little to no planning time involved. This means less time and effort spent by your IT department customizing an application to your needs resulting in a lower IT budget.
  • Secure You Data: Sharepoint provides the power to control of permissions and storage limits as deep down as the item level with advanced administrative controls.
  • Boost your Company’s Ability to Share: State of the art retrieval features such as check-in/check-out, version history and customizable views keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Web-Based Applications That Will Not Break your Budget: SharePoint Foundation exposes a common framework for document management and collaboration from which flexible and scalable Web applications and Internet sites, specific to the needs of the organization, can be built. Integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 expands these capabilities further to offer enterprise-wide functionality for records management, search, workflows, portals, personalized sites, and more.

Does Microsoft Sharepoint sound like a solution for your business? Contact Essential Software to Learn how we can put this tool to work for you today!

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