Step One:

People want to read emails that offer them something, be it a tip, an insight, a solution to a problem, or an answer to a question – not emails that bully, bore or frighten them. Use your subject line to make a promise – and the body of the email to fulfill it.

Step Two:

Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of a random, mass email – just take a look in your own deleted file folder. Beginning with something as simple as your prospects first name, company name or a reference to something you know they will be interested in will capture their attention long enough to allow you to get your message across.

Step Three:

If you don’t get to your first point quickly you never get a chance to make a second. Avoid lengthy company introductions or painstaking explanations pf why you are contacting this individual. As long as you include an informative subject line and personalized intro, they already know why you are contacting them – and they will be eager to learn more.

Step Four:

In email brevity – and white space – are your two best friends. Before sending your email try reading your message out loud. If you have to stop and take a breath mid-sentence, that should be your sing to split it with a period or semi-colon. And , as a final check, try sending the email to yourself first – preferably to a PDA or Blackberry – so you can see how it displays on screen. If you see your key points getting lost, trim back the text and set important thoughts apart as single-line paragraphs.

Step Five:

Assuming your prospect has made it to the end of your message, don’t just wander off into the sunset and hope they pick up the phone and call you. Close strong with an offer, an invitation, or a proposed next step, and make sure to follow through. If you have done your job right with the rest of your email they will remember it – and you!


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