ERP Software Selection Consultants

Essential Software Solutions (ESS) has the experience and training to help your company navigate through what can be confusing waters in ERP.

Often, a company that is considering a new software solution will be put off by unfamiliar terminology or what they think will be a steep learning curve.

One of our functions at ESS is to assist you through the transition process. We don’t just want to sell you on a solution; we also want to provide support until you feel confident in how to use all the features of your new software.

Along the way, we will learn more about your company and offer you strategies that improve your performance levels.

ESS also is skilled in providing training to your staff. We have experience in training small or large groups so that they can educate for the remainder of your personnel.

A number of our consultants are accredited instructors at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and are always upgrading their knowledge base with the latest advancements in product technology.

Making sure that your employees are comfortable and ready to be fully engaged using their new software is important to us.




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