erp and agriculture, erp and agribusiness

Factory-Style Efficiencies in the Field According to the United Nations, the world’s human population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050.[1] To feed that many people, annual cereal production must rise from 2.1-billion tonnes to 3-billion tonnes, while meat production, spurred on by rising income levels in developing countries, needs to increase by more than 200-million […]

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medical device manufacturing, saas in medical device manufacturing

The medical device market is currently one of the most competitive and bullish arenas in the business world. Globally, it’s predicted to reach $343 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 4.6%. There are various factors feeding into that growth, but the real catalyst is the aging demographic of baby boomers (people born between […]

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erp canadian manufacturers, factory of the future, erp future

Integrated. Intelligent. Autonomous. Informed by a constant flow of data and driven by real-time demand. The factory of the future is coming into focus. Sometimes referred to as “smart manufacturing”, “Industry 4.0”, or  the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, the ongoing shift in industrial paradigms is being driven by disruptive advances in technology, and by the ever-increasing […]

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Canadian manufacturers and NAFTA, erp for canadian manufacturers

As I mentioned in my blog about 2018 predictions in Canadian manufacturing, 2018 has the potential to be a productive and profitable year for the Canadian manufacturing industry. Overall, in my estimation, cautious optimism prevails. Exporters are quick to point out, however, that President Trump has floated some distinctly dark clouds across otherwise blue skies. […]

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erp 2018 predictions, predictions for erp 2018

Thoughts on ERP 2018 from ESS’s Dan Telep:  With every new year comes a tidal wave of online ERP predictions, some bullish, some bearish, some carefully straddling both camps. In general, I distance myself from forecasting the future – it’s my job to present the case for ERP no matter what the market conditions. This […]

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Increase sales with online quoting software, Vancouver ERP consultants ESS will show you how.

This post will focus in on how to increase sales with online quoting software, Infor CPQ. We will touch on some general sales strategies that can apply to any sized business in any industry first. General Strategies to Increase Sales: Develop a focused strategy around sales and marketing that includes specific companies and customers to […]

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Amazon chooses Infor again! Amazon plans to run their transportation and logistics core products on Infor’s multi-tenant SaaS by the end of 2017. They will run the GT Nexus platform, an on-demand global supply chain management platform which is used for managing global trade and logistics. Infor aquired GT Nexus in 2015. This is a […]

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Can individuals customize their mass produced product? And, if so, will the manufacturer still be as profitable? How can tech predict machine down time and streamline efficiency across the entire business process? We’ve come across a great article by Infor that discusses the factories of the future, or of now really. Here’s a little overview: […]

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manufacturing month, erp for manufacturing Canada

October is Manufacturing month! And Manufacturing Day was in October too. We’ve taken the liberty to share some resources from a recent Infor post on Manufacturing Month, which was full of resources for those in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Day! Celebrate. Innovate. Empower. Infor is a proud supporter of manufacturers – We applaud your hard work, […]

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free download erp for manufacturers

Benefits of Using ERP Software for Manufacturing The purpose of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is to integrate and streamline business processes into one system. This way, disparate departments can share information across the entire organization. ERP for Manufacturing – How it Works ERP employs a shared database used across all different parts of a […]

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